Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bridge: A Father's Choice

A Cinematic Story of a Father's Love...
Faced With an Unfathomable
Circumstance and Choice.

bridge1--noun: 1A connecting or transitional route; a way towards. (Matt 7:13-14)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my...i am weeping.

The train goes by and it makes you want to cry out to those who are indifferent..."Don't you know who the Father sacrified for YOU"

mac said...

Very touching and poignant! I saw this yesterday - posted on another blog.

Anonymous said...

I watched this without sound and I cannot say that I understand it fully. Both father and son were crushed...

Anonymous said...

Thank for posting this video David.

I shared it with all my freinds.

Damon Whitsell