Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Crown of Thorns

The following is a poem written by my sister Shari. I promised her that I would put it on my blog for her so it could get some exposure. Please comment on the poem.

The Crown of Thorns
by Shari Simon

I've done some bad things in my life
seemed inexcusable to me,
but at Calvary you signed my pardon
through your blood shed on that tree.

With a crown of thorns upon you head
they laughed and spit at you,
saying, "Save yourself if you're the King"
it broke your heart in two.

You hung there hurting forever, it seemed
with Mary at your side,
you spoke three last precious words,
"It is finished," then you died.

I can't ever repay you
for what you did that day,
three days then you came back to life
then ascended to heaven to stay.

Again, dear Lord, I thank you
for hanging on that tree,
you did it so poor souls like me
could live eternally.