Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Could Learn Alot From These Two...

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Is Christ in You?

Excellent video...had to post it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Fasting and Prayer

Feel free to share your thoughts, and anything the Lord speaks to you, during this three day fasting and prayer.

There are a total of 17 persons around the nation, one in Canada, one in Argentina, and one in South Africa, who have contacted me and agreed to participate.

Below I have listed what others have sent to me regarding what they feel led to pray about, or what they would like others to pray for. As you feel led, include these in your thoughts and prayers during the next three days:

1. The state of the believers in the World
2. The state of our country and its position
3. My precarious financial position
4. Passing the actuary exam

Parents of Mike:
1. Mike's sister (their daughter) for deliverance

1. An evangelism explosion in this country.
2. All those meant to come to Christ seeing in those believers around them the love of Christ in all there actions, motives and words.
3. That existing believers in Christ will be lead to reach out to all around them with love to bring them into God's Kingdom.

1. Physical and spiritual protection for those who have converted from Islam to Christianity.
2. That whatever calamities 2009 may bring, many will repent and come to the Lord.

1. The Lord to equip those for what He has called them to do.
2. Diligence in daily Bible study and prayer.
3. Obedience to God's Word.

1. A move of the Holy Spirit in our church (Evangel A/G) demonstrated by love, unity, and the miraculous.
2. The healing of the six people in our church with cancer.
3. That people in our church will find meaningful relationships with one another. That people in our church will care for one another.

1. Salvation and Spiritual growth for immediate family members.
2. For personal deliverance from a longtime physical stronghold.
3. For our finances for 2009.

1. Salvation for husband, Frank; mother, Levern; father, Carson; sister Laurae; and brother Whitney.
2. That the "church" (all believers) in Grande Prairie AB would have a knowledge of the truth, to work together and love one another as the body of Christ.

1. That saints will walk worthy of Him
2. That we will be Overcomers
3. The situation in Israel

1. To be led by the Spirit every day in all matters.
2. For the Lord's church to be empowered and productive these last days, i.e. winning the lost and edifying the saints.
3. Spiritual discernment and guidance during the testing times of 2009.

1. That America will turn from it's evil ways
2. That the Spirit will work on the hearts of those that are leading this nation to turn to him
3. Not my will be done but that the Lord's will be done

1. Pursuit of holiness
2. To be used in a significant way for Kingdom work/personal ministry
3. To be debt-free in 2009

1. For boldness in sharing her faith with others
2. For unity in Christian marriages
3. That Christians will pray without ceasing in 2009

1. To be led by the Spirit every day in all matters.
2. That through humility and repentance, many will turn from their sins to follow Jesus Christ in 2009.
3. That Spirit-filled believers will pray and intercede for each other.

1. A true understanding of God´s will
2. A true repentance as a result of that in all Christian souls around the world
3. The daughter of a friend of mine who has a bad tumor and will be in the hands of surgeons next week... Her name is Lucia Blanchet.

1. Salvation for Daniel Gilliland. I'm attempting to witness to him. He's been spiritually searching for years, but is opposed to Christianity. He's extraordinarily intelligent, probably to his own detriment.