Saturday, June 2, 2007

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This complimentary welcome package will introduce you to key concepts of Earthquake Resurrection and Then His Voice Shook the Earth with the following written, audio, and visual tools:

1. Six chapters from the two books, to be read in the following order:
  • Then His Voice Shook the Earth. . .
  • Earthquake Resurrection
  • Sudden Destruction of the Sixth Seal & The Aftermath: Global Disappearance
  • The Setting for the Hereafter & The Ascent to the Right Hand of God
2. Interview with Georgeann Hughes of The Byte Show (8.3MB, 55min)
3. Two-part interview with Ray Gano of PZ Radio (4.5MB, 30min) and (5.3MB, 35min)
4. One-minute video review of Earthquake Resurrection by Pastor John Stocker.
5. Full-color PDF of selected reader reviews.
6. Full-color promotional posters for Earthquake Resurrection and Then His Voice Shook the Earth.

You may also download all of these files in a convenient ZIP file by clicking here (23MB).

What is Earthquake Resurrection? It is a model bringing to the prophetic landscape a fresh analysis of the future resurrection of the dead in Christ and the meaning of the "last trumpet" that sounds just before the event. Earthquake Resurrection explores the possibility that the disappearance of a large group of believers worldwide will be masked by global catastrophe. This possibility is based on a pattern found in scripture that the power unleashed when a human being is resurrected into an immortal body causes a shaking of the surrounding earth.

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Harold said...


The new site looks great! I feel honored to be the first poster!

Grumpy said...

Harold, you beat me to the first post : )

Here's my question for anyone who would like to comment on it:

If Dan 7: 25 is referring to the anti-Christ who will seek to "change times established by laws" (per NetBible at and assuming this is after the great tribulation starts, has anyone heard of a carefully thought out explanation for what this is referring to?

The only reason I can think of that would cause the anti-Christ to be concerned about changing times and the laws that govern them after the great tribulation starts, would be to obfuscate at what point in that prophetic seven year clock of the great tribulation, the world will be at.

The anti-Christ's attempt to change the times established by laws may be referring to altering the laws of physics (e.g., great signs and wonders to deceive), in an attempt by the anti-Christ to thwart God's will, or to simply confuse and undermine the plans of those left behind who previously were not believers in Christ, but nevertheless may have been aware of the exact seven year period that starts after the great tribulation, and later become believers in Christ.

Knowing where in that seven year period one is at, would be of benefit to those seeking to make it through that period without having to take the mark of the beast under penalty of death by beheading for refusing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

lightshine said...

Hi Grumpy- about the changing of times and laws, I have read how Islam wants to change the calendar and the laws when they have their Califate. I have to find the book I read that in and get back to you with the details.My memory isn't retaing details, just overviews!Thats why,even tho I bought the online ER book, I've ordered both of Davids books in print version so I can look up things easier.:]

I watched two documentories on earthquakes this week. Unbelivable devestation!

lindalou said...

Thanks to grumpy's recommendation I too bought your book and I am finding it very interesting!

I feel bad for the reaction you received on Joel's blog ... there are dear people there, but some of them are so set in their ways they aren't able to conceive of anything that is outside of their viewpoint.

I believe God reveals things in His own good time, and I have seen no pride or arrogance in your presentation of what you have discovered.

Before I bought your book, I listened to your interviews and found you to be a very humble servant of the Lord. Please do not become discouraged in your study and pursuit of truth. There are those of us out here that are hungry for truth and love to learn, once again ...thank you!

Grumpy said...

Hi lightshine and lindalou: Great to see you both here. Now if we can just muster up enough traffic to get some discussions going here that would be great. David needs to promote this blog in his interviews the way Joel Rosenberg does on his.

Yes, lightshine I've heard what you mentioned and you're probably correct about the changing of times and dates. I had my tinfoil hat on when I mentioned changing the laws of physics : )

I hope to post a few things here this weekend.

lightshine said...

Hi Grumpy- I found your thought about changing the laws of physics intreging. That could be another dimention of that verse. I'm looking forward to your further comments!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, David loved your book. Question Rev.8;1 The period of about one-half hour mentioned. could it be that the time would amount to about 20 years on earth, because a thousand years is one day; and one day is as a thousand years? Daniel's 70th week would not start to occure until all the chaos from the sixth seal is somewhat calmed down.

1007 said...

Hi Dave,
You have done an excellent job with your site, well done.
I would like to know more about the problems with the Anderson model of the end of the 69th week.
Trouble is, I really want it to work! The other trouble is, I cannot follow most of the detailed exlanations of why we arrive at the wrong day if we take the decree of Artaxerxes Longimanes in 445BC as the starting point. It has always been my percepption that it is the only decree that refers to specifically building the city as opposed to the temple.

Robert said...


I tend to believe the 30 minutes is in 70th week time... for example 1 day (of Daniel's week) equals a year for us. Because that is the time reference in this case. Therefore 30 minutes would equal 7.5 days for us.
1 day = 1 year
1/2 day (12 hours) = 1/2 year (6 Months)
6 hours = 3 months
2 hours = 1 month
1 hour = 15 days (based on 30 day months)
1/2 hour (30 Min, your question) = 7.5 days.

Rob's math.

David W. Lowe said...


The only clue we have as to the start of the 70th week is that a covenant is confirmed for one week.

Some view that the "He" of Dan. 9:27 is Jesus confirming the covenant for seven years with the Jews...the first 3.5 years being the time of his ministry from baptism to death, and the second 3.5 years to be in the future.

While I think this view is worthy of consideration, I think there are too many problems with it. Namely, that Jesus isn't confirming the covenant with the Jews for a seven year period. He did preach to the lost sheep of Israel during his ministry, but in the final 3.5 years, I don't see him confirming the covenant with them.

On top of that, it is clear to me that two period of 3.5 years are referenced in Revelation.

I don't ascribe to the one year being 1,000 years idea. There is is no such thing as a "prophetic year" in the Bible.

David W. Lowe said...


I'm going to respond to your question on the Daniel's 70th week Post.