Saturday, June 2, 2007

Earthquake Resurrection Pattern

This post be a place for you to discuss the earthquake resurrection pattern as discussed in the E.R. model. It will be updated on a periodic basis. Included in the discussion will be:
  • The resurrection to mortality vs. the resurrection to immortality.
  • Application of the pattern to the future massive resurrection of the dead in Christ.
Until then, please feel free post questions or comments on this topic!

In Christ,


Grumpy said...

Many say the "catching up" can occur at any time, which God in his infinite power could easily make happen, however, is it really prophetically correct to say it could happen at any time, or did God, through his prophets, give us many signs to look for that would signal the season the "catching up" would occur?

If the "catching up" occurs with the earthquake resurrection, and if that earthquake is the same earthquake as the one in Eze 38:19, then the battle of Gog/Magog in Eze 38 & 39 may be near, HOWEVER, before the battle in Eze 38 & 39 happens, Israel has to be "a land of unwalled villages" (Eze 38:11) living in a false state of safety when they prophetically claim "There is peace and security, then sudden destruction comes..." (I The 5: 3).

However, if Eze 38:11 is meant to be literal, that can't occur yet because Israel is still a land of Walled Villages. In addition, Eze 38:8 says Israel is a land restored from the ravages of war. Does that mean Isaiah 17 is also a precondition to Eze 38 & 39 with the "catching up" occurring with the latter? If so, watching the news for any indication of a peace agreement that requires Israel to tear down those security walls may be a warning indeed. Just a thought

MrLynn said...

David, Another indication of Isarel being war ravaged can be found in Psalm 83, I believe is Isaiah 17 parallel chapter. This prophecy involves war with Israel's closest neighbors. The indicator here is Israels' neighbors,enemies of Israel, not listed within the list of Magog forces attacking Israel.

The Magog precursor forces include:

Southren Jordan, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Central Jordan, Egypt, Northern Jordan, Northern Lebanon, The Negev and Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, Hamas, Southern Lebanon, Hezbollah, Syria and Northern Iraq.

The Magog forces Include:

Russia/Turkey,Iran,Sudan,Ethiopia and Libya

This pre-magog war in turn, turns Damascus into a ruinous heap, therefore expecting this to be a nuclear war in the middle east that preceeds Magog.

Often times the magog conflict is confused with Armageddon for which we know ends at the end of the Great Tribulation/Affliction. The forces of magog are entirely different than those of Magog while both of these events occur in differeing locals.

We do not know how long the local war will be until the hooks are put into gogs mouth and drawn in, though the alliances are already in place. Some think this may be a lengthy occupation involved with Israel occupying all of thse lands, land promised to Abraham, but is to, but as mentioned part of the spoil for the magog conflict.

Another prophecy not mentioned that is ongoing but yet unfulfilled, is the prophecy of the Goat and the Ram found in Daniel 8. While many commentor's believe this is a war that alrady happened just is not true, nor is it supported scripturally. This prophecy concerns the US attacking Iraq and Iran, ultimately leading to Iran being easily defeated, but the US pulling out of Iraq, Iraq thus divides and the rise of the Antichrist from one of these divisions as I read it. Furthermore, this prophecy gives an indication that the US will fall after the Iran attack. Though I try not to speculate, it is my personal opinion that this time will mark the collapse of the US economy and the heralding in of the North American Union.

Again, there is no indicator of when, nor is there any relation to the Isaiah prophecy found scripturally that I could ever find while it is believed that both are in the workings with us in Iraq, our naval presence in the Gulf and Israel's long going peace efforts.

I think you are correct David, It could happen at anytime when those times prophecied are fulfilled, will just be like Noah and Lots' time, in an instant, and not a moment sooner.

God Bless,


PS, apologize for not providing scripture in most cases, just got home from work and ...tired!

David W. Lowe said...

As you probably noticed in my books, I do not attempt to fit the Gog/Magog war into my model. At this point, the war of Gog/Magog is very cryptic to me, but my tentative position of today is that it takes place near the end of the millennial reign, just as Revelation 20 states.

Now, another question is just exactly what is meant by the "millennial reign". Many believe the 1,000 years is a symbolic, non-literal reference to a long period of time, similar to the "cattle on 1,000 hills" is a poetic, non-literal reference to a lot of cattle. And thus, they argue that the 1,000 year reign began in the first century with Christ and continues for a non-literal, long period of time up to the present.

If this is the correct interpretation, then the Gog/Magog war mentioned in Rev. 20 at the end of the 1,000 year period would mean that it could take place at the sixth seal and just before the day of the Lord's wrath (Rev. 6:17).